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(转) 最美丽的英语单词

 1. mum  2. passion  3. smile  4. love  5. eternity  6. fantastic  7. destiny  8. freedom  9. liberty  10. tranquillity
11. peace  12. blossom  13. sunshine  14. sweetheart  15. gorgeous  16. cherish  17. enthusiasm  18. hope  19. grace  20. rainbow
21. blue  22. sunflower  23. twinkle  24. serendipity  25. bliss  26. lullaby  27. sophisticated  28. renaissance  29. cute  30. cosy 

31. butterfly  32. galaxy  33. hilarious  34. moment  35. extravaganza  36. aqua  37. sentiment  38. cosmopolitan  39. bubble
40. pumpkin  41. banana  42. lollipop  43. if  44. bumblebee  45. giggle  46. paradox  47. delicacy  48. peek-a-boo  49. umbrella
50. kangaroo  51. flabbergasted  52. hippopotamus  53. gothic  54. coconut  55. smashing  56. whoops  57. tickle  58. loquacious
59. flip-flop  60. smithereens  61. hi  62. gazebo  63. hiccup  64. hodgepodge  65. shipshape  66. explosion  67. fuselage  68. zing
69. gum  70. hen-night …….. which words do u like? and what else?

For my favorite, Azul

It takes courage, to be frank. And to reflect on myself. I’m not implying anything; all I want is to relieve myself, from my ignorance, from my aimless restlessness. I know it won’t work if I just keep in my mind or my purple personal book: it will just fade away into oblivion, or I will refuse to face it. As then my courage will be nowhere to be found once again. I publish it. I know most of you would laugh at it, or just ignore it. But I publish it, because I just want myself to be aware there is something in light. I am not supposed to be isolated. Maybe I just deserve it.

I am no happy. NOT HAPPY. What a shame. I can not help slacking off. I know it, but I just cannot help it. Three months. I did something. Or nothing at all. Then what about three months before? Yes I was busy with SATs and TOEFL, but I fail to feel anything either from good scores or from unsatisfactory ones. I cannot feel. All these are what I am supposed to do, not what I desire to. What seems bleaker, I have no desire to do anything. Am I too spontaneous? Or am I too like a horse going around in a mill? If only I have the chance to find any answer.

All I did was accepting all arrangements, and fulfill my consequent duty. And I become fussy about my life. It seems like I never enjoyed anything. Hell, I cannot help it.

I want to be independent. Absolutely independent. But never would I succeed. Since then I would be completely isolated. Isolated. sxxt. I hate this.

Friend, if you are patient enough to read up to this line, just category me into those temporarily insane jerks.